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    Booking the service of a wardrobe stylist is more than a luxury, it is essential


    You ever used the common phrase "I have nothing to wear" when it’s time to prepare for a special occasion?

    The truth is most people find themselves not knowing or having what to wear even when they have a closet filled with clothes. This is because dressing up appropriately for any event requires combining your clothes to create outfits that fit the occasion and your style. And with hundreds of people stocking up clothes that do not meet their styles, body types, and personality, they continue to experience the frustration that comes with dressing up - literally.

    However, with a wardrobe stylist, you can do more than eliminate the frustration that comes with dressing up.


    Here are four fabulous reasons why you need to book a wardrobe stylist


    • They know the ABC of fashion: Ever heard someone say, "fashion is too much"? Well, this is the absolute truth. Fashion is a lot, and not everyone has the energy to keep up. But it's a wardrobe stylist's job to stay current with trends, so they know what is fashionable every season, for every occasion and what is not.
    • They declutter, shop, and refresh your wardrobe: Having a ton of clothes and still not having anything to wear comes from stocking up items that do not fit. It’s time to declutter. A wardrobe stylist helps you sort through your clothes to discover those items that no longer suit your style. A wardrobe stylist also takes away the stress of looking and shopping for new clothes. They source trendy and fashionable clothes to replace your old items
    • They put your wardrobe together: The first step to easing your dress-up routine is developing a functional wardrobe, and that is the specialty of a wardrobe stylist. More than having a closet filled with beautiful clothes, combining them with other accessories that suit your style and different occasions are what make a wardrobe functional. A wardrobe stylist takes the time to understand your personality, lifestyle, and unique style before selecting and sourcing the best outfits for you. They then combine the best outfit for your profession, event, or brand/personal image.
    They make you confident: The clothes you wear has everything to do with enhancing your personality and boosting your confidence level. By taking the time to understand you and developing your wardrobe, your wardrobe stylist builds your confidence and makes you feel fly when you step out. From sourcing the best clothes and accessories for your body type and occasion to putting them together, a wardrobe stylist makes you look good, feel good, and create a striking impression.


    More than putting your clothes together, a wardrobe stylist gives you a new sense of fashion. They improve your style, keep you vibrant, stunning, and updated. With a wardrobe stylist, you will never be unprepared or confused about what to wear for any event.