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    Located in Westchester, New York, Fly to Nines was launched in 2017. Since then, we have assisted hundreds of satisfied customers in gathering experiences and creating beautiful memories at events by making them look perfect. We are a team of fashion enthusiasts who are passionate about making you look good, feel confident, and comfortable as you step out. We understand that life is about creating memories, so we want to help you making a beaming impression, enjoy every event, and feel superior at all times.


    The name Fly to Nines was coined from the expression - “dressed to the nine” meaning to perfection. Hence, we offer a full spectrum of fashion-related services, including the sale of high-quality fashion items from your favorite designers, styling, grooming, and photography services. We prepare you for all events, highlight your uniqueness and leave you in your skin while capturing your special moments.


    Our specialized fashion services are most suitable for:

    • Birthdays
    • Black Tie
    • Weddings
    • Prom
    • Graduation
    • Father’s Day
    • International Men’s day
    • New Year’s Ball
    • Fly To Nines Day


    When you contact us, we will discuss your event and provide you with the most suitable outfit. From clothes to shoes and accessories, we will source and combine the best colors, styles, and designs.

    On the day of the event, a professional stylist will arrive at the agreed location and dress you up for your occasion. By paying attention to the little details, we will dress you up to fit the image you want to portray at your event. We will expertly combine your accessories with clothes, makeup, and hair to produce the perfect look.

    While we style, an already requested photographer from Fly to Nines will capture every moment, every smile, and the final results to give you beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.


    Why choose Fly to Nines

    • We stock a wide variety of quality outfits at the most affordable prices
    • We are never in a hurry, we pay attention to details
    • We help you make the most striking appearance, unforgettable first impression and ensure your confidence
    • We are passionate about looking good. We have all you need.   

    Shop our carefully selected and affordable outfits for your special events, combined with our professional styling services, and let us help you create magic! We will dress you to perfection.